Launched by restive Democrats, LatPAC has emerged as a leader in the field of Latino political engagement. LatPAC responded to the void in Latino civic action in a dramatic way fueled by a grass roots approach.

In 2016 we launched the Democratic Voter Project to engage new and unlikely voters to encourage greater voter turnout. 
These voters provided the critical margin of victory for Democrats across the nation. In coordination with partner organizations, the Democratic Voter Project registered over 200,000 new voters and our outreach efforts reached 6.7M Americans through phone calls, email campaigns, social media posts, blog posts, advertising, door to door canvassing, polling queries and local events. We had a presence in 18 states and Puerto Rico. We were involved in 13 races last year, including House, Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential campaigns. We helped elect 8 Democratic candidates, including the first Latina Senator, Catherine Cortes Masto.

After reviewing 2016, we emerged with a strategic programmatic focus to direct our operations in 2017 and beyond. We'll stand up for the most vulnerable, we'll protect our environment, we'll continue to engage our community and apply pressure on our elected officials. This focus will push our reach further and complement our long term vision of registering, educating and turning out voters for Democratic campaigns.

Donald Trump has no mandate and we will fight this illegitimate presidency.