Trump defends racists. Republicans are screwing us. We're fighting back.

To assist progressives in 2018 and beyond, we're launching a field organizing program that recruits the best and brightest for an intensive, grassroots experience in 6 states, covering 24 congressional districts across the country. Working together with other ambitious, mission-driven individuals and organizations, the program will empower Organizers to increase civic engagement and bring more Americans into the voting process. The program aims to mobilize American communities with a culturally competent, politically resonating message for millennials, Latino and immigrant communities. Lastly, our Organizers will equip communities with the training and tools they need to develop and maintain civic action

Your vital support will help us:

  1. Hire the field organizers we'll need.
  2. Buy new ads to expand our reach and contact more voters.
  3. Turn this outreach into electoral successes and invest in Get Out The Vote operations.

To continue this fight, we depend on Americans just like you. If you're looking for a moment to get involved consider investing in our project. You have the option to donate using our site or ActBlue: