Last year, we launched the Democratic Voter Project. This new initiative is engaging new and unlikely voters to encourage greater voter turnout. In addition, 24 million millennials voted in the last election. We're placing special emphasis on outreach to this powerful group.

These voters provided the critical margin of victory for Democrats across the nation. In coordination with partner organizations, the Democratic Voter Project registered over 200,000 new voters and our outreach efforts reached over 6M Americans through phone calls, email campaigns, digital and social media outreach, blog posts, advertising, door to door canvassing, polling queries and local events. We had a presence in 18 states and Puerto Rico. We were involved in 13 races this year, including House, Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential campaigns. We helped 8 of our candidates win their races, including the first Latina Senator, Catherine Cortes Masto. 

After these initial successes we're only ready to do more! In the year ahead, our group will be fighting like never before. But progress will not happen without our engagement. In a nod to President Obama, we'll be organizing at the local level. Recruiting and energizing new Democrats inspired by progressive ideals. In addition to that, we'll be equipping local communities with the tools they need to be better citizens.

We're going to need your help like never before to keep up this fight for progress. If you're looking for a way to get involved, consider volunteering with us! If you're unable to do that, we welcome your contribution to support the reach of our programs.