LatPAC is the leading Democratic group dedicated to activating millennials. Everyday we're educating, engaging and developing civic action with special emphasis on new and unlikely voters, including Latino American and immigrant communities.


Partnering with nonprofits and social justice organizations across the country, we've launched a Community Organizing program. Think of it as Teach for America meets Peace Corps for Democrats. Our program allows American patriots to take a break from work and lay the groundwork to take back the Presidency and Republican House and Senate seats in 2020 and beyond.

President Trump

Going forward we must fight what is possibly the most hostile administration to our nation’s most vulnerable communities. With Republicans in control of the Senate, the Trump administration has been unstoppable in it's damage to America's progress. Donald Trump has no mandate and we must fight this illegitimate presidency.

Democratic Voter Project

In 2015 we launched the Democratic Voter Project., a volunteer effort to educate and engage new and unlikely voters to encourage greater voter turnout. In coordination with partner organizations, the Democratic Voter Project registered over 300,000 new voters and our outreach efforts reached 6.7M Americans through phone calls, email campaigns, social media posts, blog posts, advertising, door to door canvassing, polling queries and local events. And we're not done yet.