What All Immigrants Should Know

Post-Election 2016

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, millions of documented and undocumented immigrants face increased uncertainty around their status in the United States. Immigrant rights organizations and leaders across the country have banded together and pooled resources to help immigrants and their allies obtain the current best-known information and guidance.



These FAQs provide information and recommendations that may help stay prepare you for the Trump Administration. The information in this based on what we know today. We will continue to update it with more information once we have it.



Estas Preguntas Frecuentes (PF) proporcionan información y recomendaciones que lo ayudará a prepararse para la administración del Presidente Donald Trump que comencio el 20 de enero del 2017. Esta información se basa en lo que sabemos hoy en día. Continuaremos actualizando la información de acuerdo a como vaya cambiando.