LatPAC launched the Democratic Voter Project in mid-2015 with a team of former Hillary and Bernie staffers and restive progressive leaders to activate multicultural communities and millennials. Our group focuses on educating, engaging and developing civic action with special emphasis on new and unlikely voters.

Susana Perez, Executive Director

Susana is the executive director of LatPAC | DVP. Following the 2016 election, Susana helped the organization transition from an election campaign towards maintaining civic action during the Trump Administration. She drives the group's vision, strategy and growth as it provides an essential bridge between the Democratic Party and minority communities, with a special emphasis on millennials.

Previously Susana assisted behind the scenes to help Hillary Clinton win Puerto Rico’s Democratic Primary in both 2008 and 2016. Before joining LatPAC she was a director at environmental nonprofit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She holds a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Puerto Rico.

Chalin Askew, Board Chairman

Chalin is the co-founder and chairman of LatPAC.

Under Chalin's leadership, LatPAC launched the Democratic Voter Project initiative that has assisted in registering over 300,000 new Democrats and has reached 6.7M Americans through it's outreach efforts. He is involved in crafting the group's culture, shaping the marketing aesthetic, and innovative future growth opportunities. Chalin has spoken nationally about civic engagement and diversity including at Google, Columbia University and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Chalin is a Principal at Lockheed Macron Vignal and has years of experience in management consulting and risk management. He attended Harvard and New York University. Currently he is an active member of the Harvard Latino Alumni Association, the Inter-Ivy Latino Alumni Council and the Association of Latino Professionals of America (ALPFA).

Kenneth McClintock, Board Member

Kenneth served as the twenty-second Secretary of State of Puerto Rico from January 2009 until January 2013, one of the four longest serving in that post. McClintock served as co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s National Hispanic Leadership Council in 2008, co-chaired her successful Puerto Rico primary campaign that year and served as the Thirteenth President of the Senate of Puerto Rico until December 31, 2008.

Hannah Fishman, Board Member

Hannah is a Director at enterprise software firm, Intercom. She uses her years of global corporate experience to advise and support millennial economic empowerment. In 2017, she assisted in Intercom's efforts to help employees affected by Trump's Muslim ban. Hannah attended Princeton University.

Will Zhao, Board Member

Will is a Research Leader at KPMG. He brings a decade of data analytics experience to the organization. With his insight, we’ve expanded our data operations and reached millions of Americans in our messaging. Will was also strong supporter of Bernie Sanders before becoming a fundraising bundler for Hillary Clinton in 2016 in the Asian-Pacific community.

Cynthia Montes, Board Member

Cynthia worked on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign on his National Latino Outreach committee. She specialized in their strategic communications division, assisting in the surge of Latino support in western states.